A video explaining one person's experience of Dyspraxia:

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rebecca nickles 15 August, 2009

hi i tought your video
was good i find it hard to
conation bad morru
socila skilss
body lager

Amanda Hyde 3 October, 2009

Hi - I was diagnosed at 37 whilst at uni studying law. Always wondered why I was great at somethings and rubbish at others (still can't drive). Now my son is at uni and he has been diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyscalculia. We get by though and its not the end of the world. Good for you for talking about it so openly and good luck for the future.

Fidel gregg kincaid catsro 14 October, 2009

I thought i would say hello, as possibly the most dyspraxic dada artist in the whole Universe :)( iargued with m friend for 4 months it was dispraxia hehe)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eEya9-1fjY ( me my vid art and poetry)
I also write and help people with dysrpaxia :) feel free to drop me a line.
Fidelcatsro AKA FC ROSTACO BSE MCD (http://dadanewsdaily.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/hcr-semantics/) OP EDITOR) and finally GT Kincaid
I have worked as a suppor eorke

Miss K A Murray 16 October, 2009

Hello. I just thought i would let you know that your video is not just informing other people with dyspraxia, but also a large number of educators - i myself am a primary teacher. The honesty of your experiences can help teachers everywhere with understanding what some of our pupils will be going through, and maybe help recognise the symptoms early on.

Thank you for making this video

alex 23 February, 2010

im alex im going to ask my gp next week to be tested for this as ive had hundreds of driving lessons and dont listen at times and my school report cards said very easily distracted. can someone speak to me? my contact is

zoe 7 March, 2010

my son is 13 and he is dyspraxic/dcd, getting help for him is very difficult has people just don't seem to understand dyspraxic people,he has had problems from birth but only diagnosed 2 years ago, i just wanted to thankyou for this video for helping people to understand about dyspraxia, if there are people who suspect there children have dyspraxia symptoms go to your gp and demand a refer to a specialist, the earlier its detected the better the outcome for the child

Andie Jacovou 13 March, 2010

Hi as a trainee teacher I have a task to do a presentation on dyspraxia. I have just watched your video which I found really informative and I would like to thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and feelings to educate people like me, who can one day take on board everything you said to help make life easier for children at school, and educate others around them.

Jennifer 25 March, 2010

Wow thank you thank you so so much! My six year old is having some difficulty at school (and home!) His teacher thought he might be showing signs of dyspraxia and the more I look into it and watching your video I KNOW now he has it. Not so much gross motor co ordination but writing and concentration and distraction are him 100%.
You were very brave and very helpful to do this and I still can't thank you enough!!!

louise goddard 6 May, 2010

my daughter is 10 and show small sign,s of dyspraxia need to more information to help her anyone got anyone iformation or were i can get help . my is louise and my email is goddard.louise@yahoo.co.uk

Michelle shaw 19 May, 2010

i am the smallest in my family i am 9yrsold and i had dyspraxia when i was a baby i allways get laghed at

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