A video explaining one person's experience of Dyspraxia:

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gemma phillips 19 January, 2012

hi my name is gemma i was told i had dyspraxia 2yrs ago.but i also have dsylecic too. i have found life hard and i now know why i was like i was too. although i wasn't tested for dysleic till 16yrs old.

i wouldn't change anything about me as i love my arts e.g cross stich and read ing too.

Nic 20 January, 2012

What an inspiring video, so honest and informative.
Thank you.

Kelda Barnes 10 February, 2012

I've just watched your video and relate to virtually everything you say! I'm 30 and am now working on getting a diagnosis. I think it's important to never shut up until you've received the diagnosis and help you deserve.
I also wanted to say it's not just the cooking - you've got TONNES to be proud of. You're intelligent, well-spoken and honest. Always remember that, and thanks for making this video.

Stacey 2 May, 2012

Will someone please help me I have a 10yr old boy such a loving boy but his mood swings are getting more and more frequent everyday and he also keeps hurting his younger brother who is 1. He also keeps doing strange things like pouring water in his bed all over his cloths. Is this normal behaviour for a child suffering with dyspraxia. Please help me.

Peter Keegan 15 June, 2012

Hi I'm Pete (Peter Keegan), Adult Representive & Trustee, Dyspraxia Foundation. I have a facebook page for adults with dyspraxia "Dyspraxia Foundation National Adult Support Group"

Peter street poet 28 August, 2012

Dear everyone
I was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyscalcila about ten years ago - I am 63 yrs old while I have always wondered if my being wonderfully different from everyone else was more to do with my epilepsy - it wasn't but I would like to say I am one of the lucky ones Yes a lucky one I, yes we the lucky ones we don' t folllow the crowd we are our own selves be proud to be different and proud to be dyspraxic

Paul Ablon 7 January, 2013

can anyone tell me how to get help in the Los Angeles Areas for my 9 year old son who I believe is dyspraxic. thanks so much.

Paul Rothera 7 March, 2013

I can relate to some of the points you made about difficulty in concentrating and my hand aching after writing for a while. Your video is honest and could be very helpful to people who think they might have Dyspraxia or do not know what they have but want help.

I was diagnosed with Dyspraxia by an Educational Psychologist while studying part time at University.I still passed my Foundation Degree in Early Years. I was able to learn to drive too. What each person can do depends on what they individually are able to do not what some text book or expert predicts they could do!
I could read very well as a young child but struggled with learning to write, (I still don't like writing that much even though my handwriting has improved!)and do up buttons, shoelaces walk and I would often bump into objects right in front of me! eg chairs
One of the symptoms of Dyspraxia is that the child's ability in one area eg language would be very high but performance of tasks would be significantly low The marked difference/contrast is very common with people with Dyspraxia. I did some reseach using several books including one writteb by Bob Danes.
I was very fortunate that, despite having had Dyspraxia to a moderate extent as a child, with help from very supportive parents, early help/intervention from professionals and a personality that enabled me to persist and not give up easily I can now lead a fairly normal and active adult life. I am still very sensitive to traffic noise and cannot swim but can drive a car and play the piano clarinet and flute

Robin 29 March, 2013

Thank you very much for your site, there is very little Dyspraxia information and resources on the net, I run Ableize can have included your site in a category specific to Dyspraxia, please see http://www.ableize.com/specific-disabilities/Dyspraxia/

demi 22 April, 2013

hiya im demilee, 18 years old and studying animal biology at uni... i was diagnosed with dysprexia at the beging of this year. I Have also got dyslexia which i Have none about for many years. im trying to find out more about dysprexia ?

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