A video explaining one person's experience of Dyspraxia:

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Nicky 9 May, 2013

I relished my son was having difficulties at the age of two. A lovely boy but very complicated. At the age age of seven I decided to home educate my son I felt I would have lost him if he stayed in mainstream education. He was then diagnosed as aspergers dysprasia with dyslisic tendencies. Bloody hell. We had fun until he needed to go back to school now about to sit gcse I despair. Everything is going wrong his physical gait is all over the place he's an accident waiting
To happen. What job can he hold down when at college. Bar work too much standing and working around others. What can we do? How do I make him understand work in the gym or wheelchair at 40. He's sixteen and really struggling. Help

Nicky 15 May, 2013

Thank you am a worried parent of a 16 year old boy diagnosed as Aspergers at age of 5 but also dyspraxic and dyslexic! As you talk to us you can give me an insight to how he may be feeling as he is finds it difficult to talk about how he feels. He is doing well I home tutored him for 4 years as the education system let him down. He's sitting gcse and talking about learning to drive!! Will this ever be possible, who knows but one thing I have learned from my son is that he has an inner strength I only wish I had, a strength you also have. Good luck with your future exams and know how much you are helping others just by talking. Take care.

natasha mann-harwood 23 May, 2013

Hi, I'm a dyspraxic and dyslexic driving instructor and find many of my students struggle to get help learning to drive. If u live in Loughborough or surrounding areas go to Andy 1st website and ask for tash x

Tom 25 June, 2013

Good video you aren't alone. In case anyone reading this isn't aware there is a very useful dyspraxic adults forum. Its helped me a lot. www.dyspraxicadults.org.uk

India Jane 15 July, 2013

I have a video about my experiences of Dyspraxia which i have given to the foundation if you guys want it too :) http://youtu.be/D7ndBE1ujn8

KHV 2 May, 2014

A straight forward and very honest video. Very helpful. Thank you for making this. A lot of things have clicked into place with me now about Dyspraxia.
I can now help my teenager get the help that is needed :)
I wish you Good Luck and every good wish for every success. X

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